Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Person Inside

The Person Inside

Set in stone seem your opinions
Can't do this Cant do that
What pray should i tell you?
Just reach down into this bright mind

Can't possibly communicate you say
Unless words pour from my mouth everyday
What pray should i tell you?
Written words is the technology of this age.

No intelligence possible you say
Inside the body that acts a certain way
What pray should I tell you?
Big mistake to judge a book by its cover

Help this person is your goal you say
Careers and promotions you get along the way
What pray should I tell you?
Are you helping me or you.

Human evolution is natures creation
Thousands of years has existed mankind
Yet opinion is set by a few who limit
The potential of the magnificent human mind.

Comfortable are you establishing a zone
Putting us in slots convenient to all
Have you thought to delve into my mind
Change your mind is what you will find.

- Hari Srinivasan 1/12/08

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Fundamental Theorem of Hari

The Fundamental Theorem of Hari

If I were a mathematical model,
A dynamic differential enigma I would be

Mind with limits to infinity plus infinity
Constrained by the equation of disability
Differentiate to optimize the formula of possibility
To produce the set of functions that maximizes me

Set of multivariable functions named Hari
Integrate the area under my mental capability
A smooth curve an impossibility, with denominator reality
Bumpy exponential curve and discontinuities, an inevitability

A rate of change of perpetuity
Seeking the Fundamental Theorem of Hari
Unresolved math model Hari
Waiting on solutions, estimations,.....
…...even approximations.
Data-mining mind neurons iteratively

-Hari Srinivasan 12/12/2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Impact of Autism and Coping Strategies in Indian-American Families

Paper done for Research Methods in Psychology Class
APA Poster Below. Full Research Paper at this link

Impact of Autism and Coping Strategies in Indian-American Families.
Hari Srinivasan
San Jose City College, 2016

APA Poster

This paper explores the impact of autism and coping strategies amongst  Indian-American families living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Descriptive information on the challenges faced, coping strategies and a stress score (as measured by the Cohen Perceived Stress Scale) was gathered from 18 Indian-American parents of individuals with autism. The study finds that  high levels of stress amongst the ASD families (sample mean of 19.2) compared to the non-ASD families (population mean of 13). The study found that the age of the ASD family member does not seem to influence stress levels. There is however  a direct correlation between the severity of challenging ASD symptoms and the level of stress.  

This study suggests that if causes are better understood about the underlying physiological conditions for each specific case of autism, rather than classifying autism into one broad bucket, it may lead to more targeted treatments and better support systems could be put in place as well.

Positive outcomes for ASD individuals lead to less stress for families. Families also need more comprehensive support and resources in planning and supporting the needs of their ASD family member. Less stress for families leads to better outcomes for the ASD individuals.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Case Study in the Neural Basis of Communication Challenges

An Assignment on Speech and Language 

Hari Srinivasan 

Psych 22: Biological Psychology

The chapter on the Physiology of Speech and Language is frustratingly close to home for me as I am severely limited by both my expressive speech and almost very poor handwriting skills (along with other stuff). So I thought I would look at the concepts in this chapter in terms of a case-study of an impacted individual, namely me.
A Case Study in the Neural Basis of Communication Challenges
Hari S (hereafter referred to as H) is a college-going young adult, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3. His was a case of regressive Autism in which infants who seem to develop typically and meet developmental milestones,  lose much of their language and other skills soon after the 18 month mark. H exhibits both speech and motor (writing) challenges. This report is an attempt to delineate H’s communication challenges along with the current scientific knowledge about their neural basis.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Winds of Change

Winds of change

Mangled Cognitive distortions
Oppressive muddy skies
Swallowed by emotional whirlpool
Lost anchor to the gentle breeze

Tornado rages on
No respite...
Blazing an unwanted path
OCDs gleely plunge in.
Anchor buffeted about

Login needed anon
Try, try, But how?
Drowning mind needs to stretch
An anchor out of reach
A tsunami at sea, tailspin

  • Hari Srinivasan 10/23/2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Autism and the ANS

A writeup I did for my college Biological Psychology Course
Hari Srinivasan
Psych 22: Biological Psychology

Autism and the ANS
Autism as a spectrum disorder is still not fully understood as it comes in many variants which indicate varied underlying psychological basis. This paper discusses the role of the nervous system in Autism, specifically the Autonomic Nervous System. While research is underway in the path towards its biological underpinnings, a much better understanding is required before it can translate into meaningful treatments in order to improve the quality of life for the affected ASD population.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

X Box and a Dog

I had a visit from my 2 delightful little cousins the last couple of days. 
Its been a few years since I saw both Kayva and Ananth.
Childhood is truly remarkable! What can I say but repeat Ananth's words.

X-Box and A Dog

“You are so Lucky!”
Says the little boy
“X box and a Dog!”
Basics of Life!

Six years and counting…
Innocence. Simplicity.
Satisfaction guaranteed
If Minecraft is thrown in.

Material world is finite
Needs easily  fulfilled
Flourishing neural pathways
Makes the circle complete

In between, the Tween
Talented little girl
Jewelry and baubles
Decorate her self

Multicolor watches
A passion for cars
But that does not stop
From being Big Sis Boss

Lots of Hugs and Kisses from Big Bro Hari

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Red Moon

What an amazing Total Lunar Eclipse Tonite. The press have dubbed it Supermoon, with the Full Moon closest to earth, at its perigee. 

Why a  Red Moon -  the Red is due to the Earth's atmosphere (Rayleigh scattering). 
The earth's atmosphere bends sunlight that passes through it. But only longer wavelenghts of light (red) are able to pass through the earth's atmosphere to reach the moon. The shorter wavelengths (blue) are absorbed/scattered by atmosphere. 

A rare phenomena not to be repeated till 2033. 

On the basics of Solar & Lunar Eclipses

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to Recalculate - Your Zodiac Slipped

We are all aware of the 12 Zodiacs Signs which are basically the 12 constellations in our sky. Ancient astrologers arrived at these 12 zodiacs based on calculations of their view of the sky during their times.

Our view of the sky has changed since - in fact we now have 13 Zodiacs. There is a new constellation called Ophiuchus.

The zodiac you knew all along could just be off by a month or you could be in a brand new zodiac too. How about that?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Life Happens

Life Happens

Merrily we row life's boat.
90 years, average life expectancy.
Life is a dream, Mother Goose says.
It's a clear path up ahead.
Row along merrily, a great quest.

An avalanche plunges our way.
Boulders bury. They trap. They pen.
What just happpened?
Life happened!
Tsunami of Disability.

Can the quest for solutions ever end?
Never, answers the mind.
Emotions and the sensory body are sinkholes enroute.
Mind urges...
take detours, challenge the sinkholes, we must persevere.
have to travel possibilities, open opportunities, and pave new roads.

Life Happens!
We have decades of life still left think, to act
The  quest for solutions can never end.

Hari Srinivasan
Feb 2015