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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

European Vacation

Lovely Europe Vacation the past 2 weeks
Eating Belgian Waffles and Belgian Chocolate in Brussels

La Grand Place in the heart of Brussels with diff architecture styles.

The Atomium representing an iron crystal built for the 1958 World's Fair.
Handmade mechanical Cuckoo clocks in Black Forest area of Germany. Home of the cuckoo clock. Quite the sight. Never seen so many types before. Hundreds of them on the walls.

Enjoying the Spray at Rhine Falls

An ice cave at 10,00ft in the swiss alps

Helping to prop up the Broken Chair monument opposite the UN in Geneva.😜
Reminder to politicians visiting the UN about the dangers of landmines.
The Flower Clock in Geneva
The Palace of Versailles with its 2300 rooms. And the lovely 200 hectare Garden of Versailles around it with its fountains and sculptures. His old home, the Louvre, got too small for Louis xiv, the sun king. So he filled in a swamp near his old hunting lodge and built himself a massive new home.

Arc-de-Triomphe at the end of Champs-Élysées. The streets radiating out from the arch give it a star-like appearance.
Napoleon wanted to march his victorious army through this arch but was defeated in Waterloo long before its completion.
The immediate area around the arch is one of the most accident prone in the world so no insurance company will cover any accidents within a blue line drawn there.

Eiffel Tower looks the best at night all lit up and reflected in the Sienne river. It blinks for 5 mins on the hour between 11pm-1am too.
Had an awesome view of Paris from the top of Eiffel during the day.
Paris has some impressive architecture.
I guess you can touch the top of the I M Pei's Pyramid in front of the Louvre.
omg, we've all been lied to as preschoolers -
London Bridge is not falling down and has not for many centuries!!! 🤣
I guess once upon a time it was made of wood, but now it's a vanilla stone bridge.
Tower Bridge behind looked elegant. I guess most tourists confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge.

The Tower of London houses the Crown Jewels
The queen certainly gets the biggest house.
Turns out she does not even live in London but in the city of Westminister. She has to get permission to enter London.
So, i been to London but did not get to look at the queen, unlike my grandpa who got to actually meet with her.
All I can say is that the queen was in the building when we toured Windsor Castle. The Royal Standard flies above to indicate she is in residence.
Nifty castle, very ornate and grand.
Part of me was kinda hoping to see a couple of cats (descendants of the ones who chased a mouse under her chair!!)
"Taking the waters at Bath"
- The Roman Baths at Bath of Jane Austen fame, where the aristocracy, gentry et al. gathered to socialize or be "healed" by the geothermal waters.
Later the doctors started promoting seawater over the Bath waters so folks started going to Brighton.
Sophisticated structures built around the subterranean geothermal spring waters at Bath during Roman Britain era were excavated much later on.
Unlike the rest of England with its brick houses, the entire city of Bath is built using the honey-colored limestone native to Bath - Bathstone - even the roofs. So the city has a rather interesting look.

Stonehenge in the Salisbury Plains
No explanation needed.

Creative Consultant for a Theatre Play

I'm a creative consultant for this Australian play on Autism.
Had lots of fun working on this a few weeks back.
Can't wait to see the final play
Helping Hands Trailer 2019 from A_tistic on Vimeo.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Universal Redesign

Universal ReDesign Group Presentation for my Comm Planning and Public Policy for Disability Class today.

Was very well received. We tackled the state of the city of Berkeley's street infrastructure. Our proposed solution was a three-pronged approach looking at it in terms of Physical (Built environment), Social (Changing attitudes/awareness) and Institutional (Policy/funding). Especially loved the visuals of the environment redesign by the design architects in our group.

And of course the increasing number of kiwibots and the obstacles they present were very much part of our discussion. Have you noticed that they park on the curb cut itself before crossing the street and thus potentially block a wheelchair user.

with Josh Lavine Anna Whitney Vincent Dharma Darren Pirono Rudi Skowronsk,  Victor Pineda — at Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Last DeCal Class for Spring 2019

Today was last day of the Autism DeCal Class that I teach at UC Berkeley for this semester.

Autism DeCal Class

The Instructors - Hari, Lily, Jordan, Maria

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Psi Chi Honor Society Induction Ceremony

OMG! - A Poetry Collection

My last piece this semester in The Daily Californian  Weekender was a collection of faith-based poetry.

A contemplative pursuit from the outer Internet to the Inner-Net in search of answers in -  "O God Where art Thou?" But my contemplation did not stop there. The questions kept pouring out in -  "Questions for God."

We are often told “Life is a challenge, meet it”. I dove further into my inner-net as I grappled with this conundrum in - "Life is a Challenge, Meet it"

Vitamins A-F are for the body but Vitamin G is for the soul
- "Vitamin G"

Monday, April 29, 2019

Dr Victor Pineda.

End of an amazing semester with Professor Victor Pineda for my Comm Planning and Public Policy for Disability course.
Oh wow, his class is an experience! Growing up, you are only exposed to a little slice of your world of disability and your specific disability. This semester really opened my eyes to thinking about the bigger picture and issues up to a global scale and implementation at grassroots level.
I now also have a totally new level of respect for those yellow tactile curb cuts on the crosswalks, and the multitude of ways we interact with our built environment, the mismatches, inclusive design and universal design.
Appreciate it all the more as I am one of those PWD (person with disability) and being taught by a PWD who helped write the UNCRPD. The whole disability movement rests on the core principle of "Nihil de nobis, sine nobis" - “Nothing about us without us.” A big driving force behind my desire for higher education is to earn a seat at the table.
Lots of progress has been made but still much to be done. Hope I get to be in the thick of that change for the better.