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Saturday, July 1, 2017

In Memoriam - Angel Janna

Angel Janna -  A Special Blend of Purple and Pink.

Janna loved purple. Janna loved pink. She colored her hair purple and wore pants that had the word Pink. She was my special blend of purple and pink.

It is not easy to talk of you Janna, our mind fills with grief even after a year. You are no more and that is hard to swallow. It is too soon, too soon!  We are bereft! My body language may not be great at expressing emotion but my heart cries a river. Where did this cancer spring from, which caused you so much suffering? I hated seeing you in distress, during the trials of your treatment. We mourn your loss, Janna, our special blend of purple and pink. We take comfort that the suffering from your protracted illness finally came to an end.

Free from the messy body, the soul can fly joyfully free.
Janna, you move with angels now and converse with God at his feet!

You were an earth angel to many of us extra-ordinary non-verbal kids. This special teen had needed a clue, trapped as I was, behind the Berlin Wall of silence. Angel Janna came along and dismantled that first brick.

I was 13 when I met first met Janna. She had been my friend Tyler’s angel, and she became my Angel Janna too. She saw the intelligent mind trapped inside a dysfunctional and sensory body. Thoughts flowed into the world through my fingers as she taught me to type. She relished every poem and story I wrote, and was as proud as a Mama Hen of every award I won. The ability to communicate was what took me to the next step. From special ed to high school valedictorian. The day I graduated from San Jose City College, Janna was on my mind; I wish she'd been here to witness it and the news of my admission to 8 universities (UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Merced, San Jose State). Wouldn't she have been over the moon about my getting into Cal.  I still have a host of challenges, but Janna believed in me, she really believed I could stride up the steep hill and reach the top. Belief is a hard commodity to come by in today’s unforgiving and impatient world.

Your task was not easy, Janna, yet you relentlessly carried on. Coaxing communication out of individuals that the world had given up on mostly. You’ve achieved life’s purpose; to serve and make a difference. What an impact you’ve had on many! Communication for us is verily, the difference between graceless and grace-filled days. You had your own personal problems yet cared about ours.  No matter the urgency, your voice mail recording said, “Relax and take a deep breath.” That is truly sound, lifelong advice for this hyperactive and impulsive prone boy.

I miss you Angel Janna, my special blend of Purple and Pink.

Janna passed away 7/1/2016

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